Business Services

Business Services

We provide business consulting services based upon all available data points and a thorough analysis for each functional area: strategy, marketing, operations, technology, accounting, and finance. We balance functional expertise with a holistic perspective: working through and between the silos of your organization.

Business built on good design.

The Graphite + Co. consulting methodology is built around good design. In the typical small business, the firm bends every process, rule, and procedure to tailor-make each customer experience. While this may be good for customer service, it wreaks havoc on business process quality: both the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes decline if every iteration is changed.

Business led by intent.

A good business design is led with intent: What are you trying to accomplish through your business? As entrepraneurs, we go after good ideas. Sometimes those ideas, regardless of how “good” they might be, are simply a distraction from the development of the main business. Developing and maintaining a framework is key. Our strategy sessions focus on developing a visualized framework to keep the main goal, the intent of the business in mind.

Business made more profitable.

Business is about doing. Can you do more with less? Always. Finding pockets of untapped profitability should happen everyday. The bottom line is there to drive all other business forward. Knowing how to continuously and effectively drive profitability is essential. If your business does not have a “profitability process”, let us help you get there.